Flatbread Pizza


Pizza is such a yummy food! We have not had it much ever since our son was born, because he has been allergic to tomatoes (thankfully he has outgrown that allergy). But this got me thinking up new ways to create pizza. Okay, maybe not new to the world but definitely new to my kitchen.

The only real change is substituting the pizza sauce for hummus. Oh boy, is it delicious! I use whole wheat flatbread lightly brushed with olive oil and keep the cheese light (our son is also lactose intolerant,  but small amounts of cheese doesn’t seem to bother him). Then I add some toppings and bake at 425 degrees for about 7-10 minutes (depending on the crunchiness).



We usually have these pizzas about once a week. They are so simple to make and little hands enjoy helping in the kitchen too. Enjoy!


A Fresh Start


Before I had my son (almost 3 years ago!) I use to sell handmade goods on Etsy. Things like wallets, leather bracelets, and magnetic fridge clips. I really enjoyed my small creative outlet and was especially grateful when others purchased my goods. It was such a wonderful feeling to know others enjoyed my work enough to purchase it.


But things changed after I became pregnant. I guess all my creativity went into creating the small life inside me. I had almost no desire to craft, sew, and create. It was really sad. Even after my son came into the world I still had very little time and energy to make anything. I kept praying and asking God to bring back my creativity, and he did but in a new way. These past few years have been spent training and teaching my son. Showing him how to use the talents God has given him. It has been such a treasure and a joy!


Although I have done a little crafting here and there, it is nothing compared to the amount I used to do. And I understand times have changed because I have a little life who needs a lot of time and attention now. But lately, I feel as if my creative juices have started to flow once again. I have been dreaming up ideas and working on some fun accessories! I hope to share the final products soon along with a link to my new (old) Etsy shop!!



When one year ends and another begins, one thing I like to do is jot down a list of goals for the new year. It helps me to see things and check them off the list as I go. So far I have about 50 goals and I haven’t even finished yet! Most goals are pretty simple. My plan is to share some of those goals here and document my progress.

Planting and caring for a garden is one of my goals this year. First off, I have no clue how to grow vegetables but I plan on learning. My son enjoys being outside, so I figured why not teach him some useful skills that will then teach him how to tend to and care for something.

So to get things started, we checked out a few books from the library. Each book suggested we write a list of vegetables we plan on growing. Here is our list:

Green Onion

I wanted to keep it simple yet useful. Since we like to juice, I figured we should plant some juicing resources. Also, I should mention that I am not 100% sure we will be able to plant all these vegetables yet and I don’t even know the time of year these vegetables need to be planted. Like I said, I am clueless. But no worries, I will get these things figured out soon enough. Last year we planted two peach trees along with a tangerine tree and some blackberries. I look forward to enjoying some fresh fruits and veggies from our yard this year!

Spread The Love


Today I woke up to little love notes hidden throughout my home for me and my son. I have an amazing husband! It’s little acts of kindness like these that make me love him even more.

Let’s try our best to show someone how much you love them. And not just today but everyday.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Finders Keepers

My city offers a  bulky items pick up a few times a year. Each time we get the flyer, people in trucks with trailers circle around the neighborhoods looking for junk to load up and take who knows where. I see these people with junk piled high and envy some of their awesome finds. The last few years I decided I wanted in on this treasure hunt and started snooping through my neighbors junk piles. You’d be surprised at all the things people literally throw away; chairs, beds, tables, bookshelves, coffee tables, toys, bikes, and the list goes on.

So I got in my truck and start hunting down my treasure. The thing about this is that you have to be able to see potential in the not so pretty things. And you cannot be shy about it. If you see something, you have to get it. The person who put it out there doesn’t want it and they are throwing it away. Why not give it a new home, ya know?

I think I began my search a little too late because most of the cool stuff was already loaded up in trucks and trailers. The metal stuff gets snagged up super fast. I guess that is where the money is for these treasure hunters. Needless to say, I found a few cool things that I plan on before and after-ing, making over.

First on the list is this cute kids picnic table. It was covered with dirt and spider webs. Oh and spiders. Tons of spiders. I took care of those babies though. They won’t be coming after my boy while he enjoys his sandwich this summer. Plus, I plan on sanding it lightly and then adding either some stain or a coat of paint. I haven’t quite yet decided. But stay tuned because I will be posting a before and after. The most exciting part!

My next item I stumbled upon was this cool chair with green cushions. There were two of these bad boys but the other one was too broken to fix. Bummer. Anyways, this will be a before and after as well. I just haven’t quite yet figured out how.

Had I had more time, I would have started this treasure hunt a little sooner and ventured to new neighborhoods. I pretty much just stayed in my area. So some goals for next year would be expanding my area, begin my hunt sooner to beat those treasure hunters and find more than two items. Thank you city for offering this service!