Sweet Melodies- Kiddos


Rain for Roots has another album! I found their first album while desperately trying to find children’s music that wasn’t….well, I guess I should say I was looking for something I could enjoy as well. I am sure my son would be happy with anything, but this is something we can both enjoy with awesome meaning and messages in each song.

I love how the songs teach him the Word of God. As a kid, my mom would always have kids Bible songs playing, and to this day I remember scripture because of those songs.

So I say go buy this album and the other one as well. You will not be disappointed. Enjoy!


Sweet Melodies – Kiddos


Finding children’s music that isn’t squeaky and high-pitched isn’t easy. I know I shouldn’t be so picky about what my son listens to, but at the same time I have to listen to it as well. I went on a search to find some kids music that I thought we could both enjoy. Here is one album I found that is easy on the ears and that shares some well-known Bible stories at the same time. I have a few other artists I have found but I will share those another day.

If you know of any enjoyable children’s music, please tell! Hope you enjoy!