A Fresh Start


Before I had my son (almost 3 years ago!) I use to sell handmade goods on Etsy. Things like wallets, leather bracelets, and magnetic fridge clips. I really enjoyed my small creative outlet and was especially grateful when others purchased my goods. It was such a wonderful feeling to know others enjoyed my work enough to purchase it.


But things changed after I became pregnant. I guess all my creativity went into creating the small life inside me. I had almost no desire to craft, sew, and create. It was really sad. Even after my son came into the world I still had very little time and energy to make anything. I kept praying and asking God to bring back my creativity, and he did but in a new way. These past few years have been spent training and teaching my son. Showing him how to use the talents God has given him. It has been such a treasure and a joy!


Although I have done a little crafting here and there, it is nothing compared to the amount I used to do. And I understand times have changed because I have a little life who needs a lot of time and attention now. But lately, I feel as if my creative juices have started to flow once again. I have been dreaming up ideas and working on some fun accessories! I hope to share the final products soon along with a link to my new (old) Etsy shop!!


Nine Beautiful Years


On June 6, 2004, I married my best friend. We decided in front of God and family and friends that we would love one another and stay faithful to one another until the end. Everyday I fall more and more in love with my husband. He is a super dad to our little boy and the best husband a girl could ask for. My life is so much sweeter with him in it and I thank God for the biggest blessing I have ever received.


This sweet child is the second biggest blessing in my life.





I cannot wait to see what the next nine years have in store for us!

I love you my love! Happy Anniversary!



The last post I wrote was early March and that is unacceptable for me. I have missed my little creative outlet. There is this thing called life that got in the way. I don’t think it has plans on leaving anytime soon, so I am going to do my best to work around it.

While I was out I had a birthday, I flew from Texas to California with a toddler and had to deal with a 2 hour time change that was not in our favor. I hosted two bridal showers and attended a wedding all on the same day, and at some point during all of this commotion, our family was plagued with a terrible stomach bug that bounced from baby, to me, to baby, to me and then ended with dad. I am pretty sure we were out for an entire month because of that nasty bug.

There is still much more coming our way with my little sister’s wedding in less than two weeks, which means back to California we go. This trip should be a little easier since my husband will be with us. Thank you Jesus for my man! Waking up at 4:15 is not my idea of fun.

Now that I have caught you up on my oh so exciting life, I hope to get around to writing some posts about fun projects I have been working on. I didn’t feel right adding a few DIY posts without some sort of explanation as to why I have been MIA.

So since a blog post is pretty boring without pictures, here is a glimpse of the craziness that has been going on in my life as of late. Oh, and be sure to check back soon because I have an awesome DIY project for all you Instagram lovers out there!







The “B” Word


B is for Budget.

Before we had a kid, I worked. Since we had two incomes, we spent a lot of money on stuff that we didn’t need. If we saw something we liked, we got it. Each visit to Target meant bags full of random stuff that we just had to have and couldn’t live without. I must say this though, we were debt free and made sure all our bills were paid and some money was saved before we went wild with the money. But still, the point is that we spent way too much money on random stuff. Wants not needs.

Can I just say how hard it is to break a habit that you have created over the past 7 years! I find that if I avoid any and all stores, sticking with a budget it easy. But as you all know that is impossible. We have to eat at some point and eventually we run out of toothpaste and diapers. So here I am, facing the bad, bad word…budget.

Since I stay home with our son now and we are down to 1 income, a budget is a must in our home. A big challenge for me is trying to stick with our grocery budget. I usually just grab a bunch of stuff that we need and then a lot of junk that we don’t and hope that: 1, the total isn’t over $200 and 2, that I got all that I need to make whatever it is I plan on making. Now that we eat healthier (which means no more frozen meals or boxed mac-n-cheese) and juice for lunch most days, we have to plan out our meals.

I remember my mom planning out meals and making lists and even taking a calculator with her to the store. That is me now. Today was my first strict budget challenge. That means that I have $100 per week for groceries. That comes out to 21 meals from Monday to Sunday. And since we are cutting back on our eating out, that means I have to make sure I have enough food to feed 3 people for 21 meals with $100. To me, this is a challenge.

So off to the grocery store I went with my list and calculator in hand. And…I did it! I was able to get everything on my list including some extras. And I was even $5 under budget! I am sure that if I didn’t have my meals planned and a list of items, I would have failed miserably.

So here’s to a new way of living. A way to discipline myself and to learn to have some self-control. Why self-control? Because without it, I would bring a bag of Mr. Baird’s chocolate covered donuts and some Pillsbury break and bakes home each trip if it weren’t for my budget. I could use all the help I can get, so if you have any helpful budget tips please send them my way.

Thank You Tripod

I love taking pictures. Most of the time I use my phone, but there are rare moments where I am able to pull out my fancy camera. Over the holidays my husband and I wanted to do a mini photo shoot of our little family. We set up the tripod and the self timer and got to posing. You may recognize one of the pictures from our Valentine’s Day card we sent out this year. There were too many cute ones to choose from so I’ve decided to share a few more.

Now, I have mentioned before that this blog is mostly made up of cell phone pictures since I am limited on time. So what you are about to see will not happen often. I wish I had time to take semi professional looking photos, edit and then upload for the world to see. But the truth is I barely have time to shower. So enjoy this moment because it may be a whole year before you see another fancy photograph on this blog again.









We took these pictures in Roswell, NM back in December of 2012, using our trusty tripod and the good ol’ self timer.

Baby boy: 1.5 years old, Dad: 30 years old, Mom: 27 years old.

A New Tradition


Last year I planned on mailing out some family Christmas cards but never got around to it. And since we took some super cute family photos, I was a little bummed that none of our family or friends got to enjoy them.

So I came up with a new little tradition for our family to do. Instead of sending out Christmas cards like everyone else, I thought it would be fun to start mailing off Valentine’s Day cards instead! Plus, Christmas time is already so busy with parties, shopping, traveling, eating and gatherings that one less thing to deal with is a good thing.

And there you have it, our 2013 Valentine’s Day card!

Up to Speed


Here is how my story goes. I married the love of my life at age 19. Yup, super young but incredibly happy to be marrying the man God had for me. We moved from Texas, to Arizona, to California, then back to Texas all within 6 years. In June of 2011, my husband and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary and also welcomed the littlest love of our lives. I decided that I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, so after working full time for the past 7 years, I called it quits and started this full time mommy job.

And so here I am. Cooking, cleaning, changing diapers, playing, coloring, more cooking and more cleaning. MUCH. MORE. CLEAINING. But when I do find some spare time for myself, I am usually working on some sort of furniture makeover project or snapping some pictures or crafting up something pretty.

Through this blog I plan on sharing some mom stuff along with some home stuff. For instance: food allergies in kiddos and junk hunting through my neighborhood (more on that later). Life is messy and crazy with kids but it is also beautiful and thrilling. I don’t think I will ever be able to say that I’ve had a “boring” day again.