I’ve got some exciting news to share with you guys! LIVE.FLOURISH is now back up and running! You may be wondering what LIVE.FLOURISH is, so let me fill you in.

Back before I had my son (about 5 years ago), I opened my first Etsy shop, LIVE.FLOURISH. I sold handmade goods; leather bracelets, wallets, and magnetic fridge/file cabinet clips. I had so much fun creating goods to share with others all around the world. When I got pregnant, all my creativity went into growing a healthy baby boy that I had no desire to create anymore. Once I had my son, all my time went into nurturing and raising him along with learning the ways of motherhood. Slowly my desire to create made its way back and that is when I decided to start blogging again as my creative outlet. Most of my makings were simple, thrifty ways to add charm to my home. Through that I realized just how much I missed blogging and even more, how I missed making things.

One day I decided to make myself a necklace. I am not a big jewelry girl nor do I put a lot of effort into how I look, but I wanted something I could wear with jeans and a tee or a simple summer dress that would add a fun pop of color without having to try. With a few failed attempts- something I have had to embrace as an artist, I finally made a necklace I was proud of. It’s crazy how one successful design stretches your creativity. After that first necklace, my mind was filled with fresh ideas and I knew I wanted to share my new necklace designs with everyone; thus the rebirth of my Etsy shop, LIVE.FLOURISH.

The items below are what you will find in my shop. Each necklace has been hand painted and coated with a matte finish for protection. I really enjoy making these necklaces and my hope is that others will enjoy them as well. I am also selling some hand stamped leather key chains with sweet verbiage. Why not fancy us your boring set of keys, right?! So please, hop on over to my shop HERE and take a look around. Enjoy!



3 thoughts on “Shop LIVE.FLOURISH

    • live.flourish says:

      Hello Jen,
      My goal was to have my shop up and running once we got settled into our new house, but now we are expecting a wee one any day, so the shop will be closed until we get a new rhythm going. Thank you for your patience. If you would like, email me at aguilar dot tore at gmail dot com and I can send you a list of the necklaces I have available. Thank you for your interest!!

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