New Hobbie


I saw the cutest quilt on Pinterest recently and thought, why not make one myself? I could choose my own colors and try something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time.

I decided to go with mustard yellow, white, navy, pink, mint green, teal, light grey, and dark grey. I paired up two colors that I thought looked well together, cut them into large squares, sewed the two colors together around the edge, and then cut an X in the square, making four small triangles. Once I opened the triangles, I had four small squares; half one color, half the other. [I measured everything and I got my measurement chart off of Pinterest along with the large square tutorial.]


There is so much I am learning about quilting and still SO much I need to learn, but all in all I am really enjoying it. Since this was my first one, I decided to make a baby quilt. Starting off small seemed like a good idea.




I ended up cutting extra squares, so I am currently working on another quilt exactly like this one. And just because I love this quilt so much, I decided to switch up the colors for my third quilt and plan on keeping the pattern the same [photos will follow once I finish that one]. One of these days you may find these quilts for sale in my Etsy shop…fingers crossed! Enjoy.




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