Quick Minute Project No. 4


Hello! Here we meet again for another QMP. I try to keep these kid friendly because: no. 1, crafts are always fun with company and no. 2, I strongly believe in parent/child togetherness.

Just the other day I was at Lowes for some yard stuff and I wandered on over to the wall of colorful paint samples. I LOVE the sample walls! I understand this may intimidate some people, but for me it brings me joy. While browsing through all the colors I came up with a fun little something….

Why not make some alphabet flash cards for my son using all these beautiful colors?!

So that’s what we have here. All you need are a few supplies and you are ready to go.


First, gather 26 colorful paint samples. You can choose to do more if you want to include numbers as well.


Next, you need a permanent marker, a set of alphabet stencils, and some painter’s tape.



Now all you need to do is place down a stencil and fill it in. Also, fill in the blank space on each letter to help the letters look more accurate. This is such an easy project, so be sure to let your kiddo(s) help out.

(Unfortunately, I started this project right before my sons nap, which meant I was left doing it alone because he was a not in the mood for crafts.)




There you have it! A colorful Quick Minute Project that anyone can do. Plus, this one was free for me because I already had the stencils and permanent markers on hand. Enjoy!


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