Dress Please


By now you all know I love a good deal. I love to thrift store shop, visit garage sales, and rummage through my neighbor’s junk when we have bulky item pick up. Most of my home is either filled with second-hand goods from Craigslist, thrift stores, garage sales, or straight up out of a trash pile.

While visiting a thrift store, I came across this striped, color block dress. I really wanted it, but it was a few sizes too big. Don’t you hate when that happens? Especially when the dress is half off, coming to a grand total of $2!

I decided to take it home anyways and try my hand at alterations. I have made a few v-neck tees for my son from my husband’s old tees, but I have never sewn women’s clothing before. Plus, the last time I attempted some tees for my son, I just about threw my sewing machine out the window.

Thankfully everything went smoothly this time around. I shortened the sleeves and took off extra fabric on both sides. Now my $2 thrifted dress is summer ready!



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