Healthy Eats


If I were given the option to have a salad or something else, most of the time the something else wins. I like salads, but in my mind they just aren’t as filling. I am sure my stomach would say otherwise though.

Lately I feel like I’ve been needing a good healthy change when it comes to my eating. I still juice occasionally, but nothing like I used to. My plan is really simple; to eat fresh as much as possible and to cut back on fast food.

Today I threw together a yummy salad that I thought would be fun to share. Plus, it is dressing free! I hear most calories you gain from salads come from the dressing, so I chose to omit it and it was still so delicious!


Here is a list of the ingredients I used…

Garbanzo Beans
Shredded Carrots
Strawberry Slices
Sunflower Seeds
Salt and Pepper

Just some notes: I didn’t measure anything. All I can tell you is I used half an avocado, three strawberries, and a small amount of salt (the sunflower seeds were already salted). And the bonus, zero dressing! It was so good!



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