Quick Minute Project No. 3


Here we meet again with another QMP! I just love a simple project that requires little time and money but that is loaded with fun! And another bonus with this project is it is kid-friendly. Below are the step by step instructions with photos to guide you through the simple process. Just a few notes before we get started though…

First off, I painted the pots without my little assistant. I was really going for a certain look and if I let him help, the pots would have been blobs of color. Not bad, but just not what I wanted this time around. I think I will let him have at it with some outdoor pots.

Next, we bought three succulents in different styles and sizes, but I misjudged the pot size for one of them. This is pretty obvious, but be sure to buy pots big enough for your plants. Silly me.

Lastly, the cost of each pot with a base came to about $1.50 a piece and the succulents varied from $2.98 to $4.98. I had all the acrylic paints on hand, but you can purchase a tube for less than a buck a piece and even cheaper with a coupon.

And that’s a wrap! Enjoy.








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