A Fresh Start


Before I had my son (almost 3 years ago!) I use to sell handmade goods on Etsy. Things like wallets, leather bracelets, and magnetic fridge clips. I really enjoyed my small creative outlet and was especially grateful when others purchased my goods. It was such a wonderful feeling to know others enjoyed my work enough to purchase it.


But things changed after I became pregnant. I guess all my creativity went into creating the small life inside me. I had almost no desire to craft, sew, and create. It was really sad. Even after my son came into the world I still had very little time and energy to make anything. I kept praying and asking God to bring back my creativity, and he did but in a new way. These past few years have been spent training and teaching my son. Showing him how to use the talents God has given him. It has been such a treasure and a joy!


Although I have done a little crafting here and there, it is nothing compared to the amount I used to do. And I understand times have changed because I have a little life who needs a lot of time and attention now. But lately, I feel as if my creative juices have started to flow once again. I have been dreaming up ideas and working on some fun accessories! I hope to share the final products soon along with a link to my new (old) Etsy shop!!


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