We all know by now how much I love a good bargain; whether it be trash I find on the sidewalk or thrifty goods fancied up a bit.

On the flip side, I have a big, fat crush on this lovely store called Anthropologie (which is far from bargain prices). One thing I love about Anthropologie is all the colorful textiles. The bedding, pillows, aprons, towels, cutrains, even the chairs and sofas are all so beautiful and full of charming colors. But like I mentioned before, the prices are a bit too high for me.

Once in awhile they have a pretty decent sale and if your lucky you can find some cute stuff for cheap. It just so happened that I visited the store on the right day. I found some cloth napkins that were marked down, priced at $4.95 a piece! So I picked out 6 different napkins and decided to make my own throw pillows for my new sofas.

I bought 6 pillow inserts from Ikea and then used some extra fabric I had stashed away for the back of each pillow. All I did was cut the napkin and the backside fabric to measure the size of the pillow insert. I sewed along 3.5 sides, leaving the last part open to insert the pillow. Once it was stuffed, I hand stitched the final half closed.

The price for my simple Anthro-throws came out to about $9 a piece! $5 for the cloth napkin, $3 for the Ikea pillow insert, and $1 for the extra stuffing I added to the pillow inserts (I wanted the pillows a little more fluffy than they came).

Now that is what I call a bargain!





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