Your Trash Is My Treasure


The time has come once again where people rid themselves of their junk through a program our city puts on called Bulky Items Pickup. It’s a free service where all you have to do it leave your junk on the curb and everything is then taken away. I like to call this, the time I snoop around the neighborhood and score free things. I love this time of the year! In the past I have found an old, rusty, wire basket that I made into a hanging pendant light above my kitchen table, which you can find here. I also found this super cute wooden kids picnic table, which is still a pending project (hopefully a before and after will be featured soon). Another thing I found was a fabulous chair I have inside my house, pictured here.

I am always surprised at the things people throw out. I guess it sometimes takes a creative mind to see potential in junk and lucky me, I see it!

I was out on a bike ride with my son and I found the coolest vintage trunk that I just had to have. But since I wasn’t able to haul it off on my bike, someone else beat me to it. Bummer. Later that day I took a drive around to see what else I could find and that is when I was introduced to this lovely little lady. Well, I guess the before isn’t too exciting. Although I must admit as she was sitting in my house for a good week untouched, her ugliness began to wear on me.

There is a big split across the top and some of the wood was pealing off of the little shelf, which is probably why the previous owners threw her out. But to me, those things don’t matter. I like the extra character it adds to the piece.

So here is the before.


And here is the after!

I almost forgot to tell you the best part…


This project cost me a total of $8!


The paint was left over from a previous project and I already had the sand paper, which I used to help smooth out her rough spots. The 8 bucks was spent on hardware. Thank you Anthropologie for the adorable multi-colored knob!




One of my favorite parts of this project along with the cute knob is the pop of color I added to the little drawer. I feel like it adds so much to this small side table. And like I said earlier, the cost was a total of 8 buckaroos! Now that makes me one happy girl.

p.s. The little yellow picture holder is actually an old two hole paper puncher that I found while thrifting. I decided to give it some more responsibility and I really like how well it has adapted!


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