Baby Fever


While thrift shopping recently, I found this adorable, little baby doll cradle for $4.99. I know what you’re thinking…doesn’t this crazy lady have a little boy?

Why, yes I do. But maybe, just maybe one of these days I will have a little girl and when I do/maybe have that little girl, she is going to have one rockin’ cradle! But, along with a cradle you must have a blanket. So, since I recently discovered that I have become a fabric hoarder, I decided to make a sweet baby blanket for my maybe-someday little baby girl.

I made some patterned bias tape to fancy the edge and then used some simple yet soft fabric for the blanket. I think my maybe-someday little girl is really going to love it!






P.S. I will probably have more random sewing projects for your viewing in the near future as I work on my fabric hoarding issues. I plan on conquering this habit by making random, cute things. Stay tuned.


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