DIY No-Sew Throw (sort of)



Oh how I love thrift stores! Especially when I hit the jackpot. On this particular trip I left with so many awesome finds and most of them looked as though they came from Anthropologie. It was fabulous and the best, most best part about it all is that I only spent $22 on everything!

I love textiles and I kept finding so many blankets, tablecloths and cloth napkins with the best patterns AND in the best colors too! So, let’s begin with my first project…the DIY no-sew throw pillow. No-sew meaning no sewing machine required.


I found some awesome cloth napkins for $1.99 that I knew I couldn’t live without and I knew exactly what their new role would be in my home, a throw pillow for my bed!


If you want to follow along, the materials you need are:

-2 Cloth Napkins

-Embroidery Thread



-Pillow Insert


Since the napkins had a fabulous edge around the ends, I wanted to keep that visible which is why I decided to use embroidery thread. So, all you need to do is match your napkins up and stitch along 3 edges leaving the 4th one open so you can insert the pillow or the white stuffing stuff. Once you have the pillow/stuffing inside, stitch that baby closed.


And there you have it! An awesome DIY no-sew throw (sort of) that took you less than 15 minutes to complete!



p.s. The pinkish/orange throw at the foot of my bed is another fun find that cost me 99 cents! It was labeled a tablecloth but once again I gave this beauty a new identity.


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