Two Bucks Later


I found an old breakfast in bed tray at a thrift store a while back. Well, more like 2 years ago. I had big dreams for this tray and each attempt was a complete fail. My first thought was to use patterned wrapping paper, but then I realized that the paper was too thin and it bubbled up once I glued it down. Fail. Next, I thought colorful paint samples squares would be cool, plus they are free (pictured above). It was a cool idea just poorly executed. I failed again.

As I was browsing Target’s dollar section I found some cute chevron patterned duct tape. Perfect! Not too thin and I wouldn’t need to glue it down. Win, win. So I brought a roll home and got started. Oh, I forgot to mention that I used an old can of spray paint and changed the base from black to teal.



The process was so easy and quick, but I underestimated the amount of tape I would need by two strips!



Here she is! There will be no more changes made to this least while she is mine.


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