Thirty Dollars Later



Planning our son’s nursery was so much fun for me. I really enjoy decorating a space and even more, a place for my sweet little babe. I still remember the day we put his crib together. Our hound dogs were right along side us, curious about all the new things happening to the room. I washed and folded all his clothes, we stocked up on diapers months before he even arrived, and had all his tiny items neatly organized.

I remember going into his room and I would imagine kissing his sweet little face and holding him for hours. Everything was ready for his arrival. The room was perfect and all it needed was him to complete it. Now, our baby is going to be 2 years old in June! I think time goes by faster once you have kids.

Now that he is getting a bit older, I have been looking into big boy room ideas. The first step would be new paint. We had decided on this Eco Green color by Behr when the room was our den/guest room. While putting his nursery together, I thought about changing the color but decided it looked good with his decor, so we left it. The room doesn’t have great natural lighting so I feel like the color is a bit too dark and I plan on painting it light grey – Hazy Stratus by Valspar.



Here is the new color up on his walls and I am really pleased with the outcome. We had to let the room air out for a few days before our son could sleep in there but once everything was dry I was hanging and organizing his new space. Not much has changed this time around but soon we will work on transitioning our son to a twin bed, which means the sofa will be taken out of his room. That sofa has been a life saver for us over the past year and a half. Our little boy had a lot of trouble sleeping and a lot of the reason why was due to food allergies that we were unaware of. It wasn’t until he was 10 months old that we figured out how many foods he was allergic to, but once we eliminated those foods from his diet he started sleeping much better.

But back to the bedroom. I am loving his new space. The only money spent was on the bucket of paint. Everything we used in his room was either there before or from other rooms in the house.


We switched up the wall art that was above his bed with this United States map made of license plates, which was in my husband’s music room. The framed art work that was above his bed has been moved to another wall above his dresser.


The chair pictured here was one of my bulky items trash pile finds! I was originally thinking about changing it up but it has grown on me just the way it is. It has become part of his reading spot in his room.


And there you have it! The first step in creating a big boy room for our son.


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