Your Trash Is My Treasure


Do you remember how I told you about my neighborhoods bulky item pickup that happens a few times a year? You can read more about it here. Last year I was out on a walk with my son and I came across this large, rusty, wire basket. There were actually two of them but the other was a little worse off. I regret not getting it now though.

When I first saw the basket I thought it would look great as a pendant light above my kitchen table. Instead the wire basket sat in my garage for about a year. Something I have challenged myself with this new year has been to be more creative and to finish incomplete projects. So I went to the hardware store and bought 3 items: spray paint, wire cutters, and a pendant light kit.


Spray paint is awesome for 2 reasons; it is so easy to use and it is easy on your wallet. Oh wait, I just thought of another reason. It can transform something ugly into something pretty!


I matched the color of spray paint to the pendant. My husband used his strong muscles to cut a round piece out of the basket where I then attached the pendant.


Note: It is crucial that you have a professional inspect your new light fixture. Ya know,  just to be sure that everything is up to code. Looks like we passed the test.


Now here is where things got a little crazy. We have very high ceilings in our kitchen which makes installing light fixtures incredibly stressful. And if you don’t have the correct ladder, things get rigged in order to make the new pendant light happen. A straight ladder leaning up against a pull up station with weights added to the bottom for support is not, I repeat, NOT a good idea. Please do not try this at home. Thank the good Lord in heaven that no one got hurt during the process.


So here she is! The trash I found on the side of the road is now a lovely pendant light fixture above my handmade table (I will share details about that in another post). I LOVE the transformation and I feel like it fits my home better than the original fixture. The only downside to this project is that I went from having 3 60 watt bulbs to just 1. I really like having a lot of light in my house so this has been a bit of a bummer. But I am still really happy with my new DIY $27 pendant light (wire cutters not included in price, which were about $9).


Another picture just for fun because pictures are fun. Enjoy!


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