Thank You Tripod

I love taking pictures. Most of the time I use my phone, but there are rare moments where I am able to pull out my fancy camera. Over the holidays my husband and I wanted to do a mini photo shoot of our little family. We set up the tripod and the self timer and got to posing. You may recognize one of the pictures from our Valentine’s Day card we sent out this year. There were too many cute ones to choose from so I’ve decided to share a few more.

Now, I have mentioned before that this blog is mostly made up of cell phone pictures since I am limited on time. So what you are about to see will not happen often. I wish I had time to take semi professional looking photos, edit and then upload for the world to see. But the truth is I barely have time to shower. So enjoy this moment because it may be a whole year before you see another fancy photograph on this blog again.









We took these pictures in Roswell, NM back in December of 2012, using our trusty tripod and the good ol’ self timer.

Baby boy: 1.5 years old, Dad: 30 years old, Mom: 27 years old.


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