Nifty Thrifty


My baby boy had been sick with a cold turned ear infection for a little over two weeks. Talk about the hardest, most painful two weeks we’ve both had in quite some time. When your child has an ear infection and he has been on antibiotics for a whole week and you don’t see any improvement, things get tough. Poor baby. But he is better now and this home is a happy place once again.

Since he was feeling better I wanted to get out of the house a bit. Having a sick baby can bring on a little cabin fever, so it was time to bring that to an end. We went to a newer thrift store on our side of town. Our last visit was a success and I was hoping this would be as well. It wasn’t our best but I think we did okay.

Here’s what we found:

Two board books-$2.00, a Speedo floatie vest-$2.99, and an outdoors adventure kit-$1.99.

My son was a little freaked out when I tried the floatie vest on him, but I think once he gets in the water he will be fine. Well, I hope he will. Anyways, my total ticket price for this little outing came out to $7.54. A few items for a few bucks makes this momma happy.


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