Painting The Roses Red


I found these two nightstands along with a dresser on Craigslist for $50. I was originally on the hunt for nightstands only, but when I saw this set I decided it was worth the price. They definitely needed some new paint and hardware but I was up for the challenge. I really enjoy giving furniture a new look. A face lift. I love looking at before and pictures to see what people come up with.

I pulled out my sander and get to work. There was a clear protective coat over the entire surface so I scuffed it up a bit to help the primer stick.


Here is my adorable sidekick. He is such a big help and by that I mean he is great at getting in the way and making projects take 10 times as long. But I love it and I wouldn’t change it one single bit. Someday he may not want to help me, so I am cherishing these moments.


All white and primed. The furniture isn’t all real wood so I made sure to sand, prime and prime some more just to be sure the paint would stick.


Now, here is where I got a little crazy. I had this idea to paint my nightstands red. In my head, it looked and sounded amazing and they even looked awesome once I painted them BUT then I got to thinking. Yes, I know I should have thought about it more before I bought the paint and painted my nightstands (both) bright red but I didn’t. I guess I was just too excited and impatient.

Here is what I should have thought about beforehand…

If I paint my nightstands red, was I planning on painting my dresser red as well? Wow, that is a ton of red furniture in a small space. If I was wanting my nightstands to be the accent, pop color then what color would my dresser be? And would it look okay being a totally different color? Would I have too many colored pieces of furniture in the room? Wouldn’t that start to look too busy and kind of tacky? I think yes.

Here is a little, slightly annoying thing about me. I like to ask my husband for advice and when he doesn’t answer the way I would like him to, I try to convince him that the way I want it is better. Am I the only one who does this? There has to be more people like this out there. I cannot be the only crazy one. Anyways, he is most of the time right and there are times I don’t take his advice and walk away kicking myself in the booty, much like this time. So after I did some little-too-late brainstorming, I decided to go with my original idea (the one that my husband was on board with), which was to paint them all a smoky grey color.


So there I go, back to the store for some greyish paint to correct my bright red mistake, while my boys enjoyed some trike rides. I guess we learn from our mistakes. Although, I am sure I will make another crazy decorating mistake again. This wasn’t the first so I know it won’t be the last.


After I added a new coat of navy blue/grey paint, I was incredibly happy with the outcome. I removed the top drawer on each nightstand and had my man add built-in shelves. It is still a pending project but once they are completely finished I will be sure to add photos of the final piece. I plan on adding a stencil design or wallpaper to the shelf. We’ll see though. I want to make sure I am 100% on board with that idea first so I don’t have to backtrack again. See, I am learning.


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