Nifty Thrifty


I am a huge sucker for thrift stores and what I like even more is finding a good deal for a good price. But, my boys would rather be anywhere else. So to be fair I try to keep my thrifting to a minimum while they are around.

As much as I love thrift stores, I hate going through the clothing racks. They are terrifying. I rarely bring home clothes after thrifting (usually only baby clothes for my kiddo). My favorite areas are furniture and home goods. Even though I have about 30 coffee mugs at home (I don’t even drink coffee!), they still call my name. I would much rather browse a thrift store than a department store. That’s just who I am.

While I was out shopping the other day I found a few cute things for my bedroom, mostly. Side note: my bedroom has been neglected and left in shambles for about 2 years now. It’s bad. We had a yellow dresser with 2 red night stands. It’s like we were spending the night at McDonald’s. Not cool.

Anyways, back to the story. I found a little, metal letter “V” to place beside my bed above my fresh painted nightstand that went from red to greyish/navy. I also found a teal colored wire tray that holds some candle sticks and a picture frame which now sits on my dresser. My final finds were some children’s novels and a crib bumper. When you find a Dwell Studio crib bumper for $1.98, you can’t pass it up. The colors are neutral enough for a boy or a girl. And that sums up another successful thrift store run.

Metal Letter – $1.98

Teal Wire Tray – $1.98

Children’s Novels – $2.25 for all 3

Dwell Studio Bumper – $1.98

Total Spent: $8.19


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