Finders Keepers

My city offers a  bulky items pick up a few times a year. Each time we get the flyer, people in trucks with trailers circle around the neighborhoods looking for junk to load up and take who knows where. I see these people with junk piled high and envy some of their awesome finds. The last few years I decided I wanted in on this treasure hunt and started snooping through my neighbors junk piles. You’d be surprised at all the things people literally throw away; chairs, beds, tables, bookshelves, coffee tables, toys, bikes, and the list goes on.

So I got in my truck and start hunting down my treasure. The thing about this is that you have to be able to see potential in the not so pretty things. And you cannot be shy about it. If you see something, you have to get it. The person who put it out there doesn’t want it and they are throwing it away. Why not give it a new home, ya know?

I think I began my search a little too late because most of the cool stuff was already loaded up in trucks and trailers. The metal stuff gets snagged up super fast. I guess that is where the money is for these treasure hunters. Needless to say, I found a few cool things that I plan on before and after-ing, making over.

First on the list is this cute kids picnic table. It was covered with dirt and spider webs. Oh and spiders. Tons of spiders. I took care of those babies though. They won’t be coming after my boy while he enjoys his sandwich this summer. Plus, I plan on sanding it lightly and then adding either some stain or a coat of paint. I haven’t quite yet decided. But stay tuned because I will be posting a before and after. The most exciting part!

My next item I stumbled upon was this cool chair with green cushions. There were two of these bad boys but the other one was too broken to fix. Bummer. Anyways, this will be a before and after as well. I just haven’t quite yet figured out how.

Had I had more time, I would have started this treasure hunt a little sooner and ventured to new neighborhoods. I pretty much just stayed in my area. So some goals for next year would be expanding my area, begin my hunt sooner to beat those treasure hunters and find more than two items. Thank you city for offering this service!


2 thoughts on “Finders Keepers

  1. John walker says:

    Chair uses the ‘bent wood’ technique. Look for the name ‘tonet’ inscribed under the seat ring. He was the ‘father’ of bent wood design. We have an origional Tonet piano stool.

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